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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Glitter Mixing 4

Hi there

What a beautiful day today.

I just wanted to share a few more recipes with you this week. Find them below numbered 1 - 8.

1. Mix the following Glamour Glitters

One measure of Penny Copper with
Two measures of Fools Gold

Cool color.

2. Mix the following Glamour Glitter colors
One measure Ice Blue with
One measure Iridescent Diamonds


3. Mix these Glamour Glitters

One measure of Yellow with
Two Spring Green

Very Summery

4. Mix these Glamour Glittersfor Sunshine on your page

One measure of Orange
One measure of Yellow


5. Try this mix of Glamour Glitters

One measure of Moss Green
One measure of Light Gold


6. This is a greaty mix of Glamour Glitter

one measure of Lavender
one measure of Ice Blue

Cool Blue

7. This mix of Glamour Glitter gives a great Baby Pink

one measure of Pink
one measure of Blush
One measure of Silver


8. This is one of my favourite mixes of Glamour Glitter

one measure of Classic Red
one measure of Bronze
one measure of Irridescent Diamonds


We are almost through the origonal mixes we did in class, there are about 21 more to post and then we will start on the new mixes.

Have fun


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