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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Glitter Mixes 6

Okay here we go with the last of the mixes from classes.  Some of you will have them but most wont. This is what they look like. Unfortunately my camera work is not great and they look darker in the pictures.

There are not too many so it wont take long to get through these.

1. This is a super summery green

One measure of Moss Green Glamour Glitter with
One measure of Sage Glamour Glitter

2. This is a must when doing summer flowers

Two measures of Fuschia Glamour Glitter
One measure of Iridescent Diamond

3. This is fantastic. If I could get this in material I would have an evening gown made of it. LOL as if I wear them a lot.

Two measures of Midnight Blue Glamour Glitter
One measure of Yellow Glamour Glitter

4. This is great for Sunsets

One Classic Red Glamour Glitter with
One measure of Light Gold

5. Oh Oh Oh Love this

One measure of Bluestone Glamour Glitter with
Two measures of Purple Glamour Glitter

6. Summer Flowers again

One measure of Sage Glamour Glitter with
One measure of Iridescent Diamonds

7.  I cant make up my mind whether this mix fits in Summer or Christmas, I guess it could do both.

One measure of Emerald Glamour Glitter with
One measure of Dark Gold.

Great, try these out and watch for the new mixes coming soon.

If you have made a mix and want to share it, send it to me and I will publish it, after we try it out. Thanks

We can only give out recipes that we have used with our own Glamour Glitter and cannot guarantee these will work with any other brand. 



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