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Thursday, December 1, 2011


Hi Folks

Well Here is our new Chunky Iridescent Diamonds Glitter!

Our Chunky Iridescent Diamonds are being used by Theatre Calgary on stage in their production this year of A Christmas Carol.

Watch out for Allison Orthners show on TV next week where she will be demonstrating how to use the Chunky  Glitter with the Sookwang Adhesive to make snowflakes.

If you want some visit      Urbanscrapbook Store or visit their online store to get some today, tell them I sent you.


Friday, October 28, 2011

New mixes available

Hi All
Just a quick note to let you all know that new Glamour Glitter color mixes  are available  from Monday 30th October, direct from us.

We may post pictures of the mixes but if you want the recipes Please contact us directly. There will be a small charge as they are now on printed cards. There are 12 to a card and you get two cards for $4.00 which should cover postage as well in Canada.The cards only have the recipes printed on them, you have to add the glitter yourself.

Contact us at : for more details.

Happy Halloween

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Meet Tonee - The newest member of our team

This little guy was found abandoned and we adopted him.
His name is Tonee (pronounced like Tony from the Sopranos) he is only about 8 weeks old and very cute, dont you think?

We just had to share.


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I will be in Edmonton this weekend!

Hi all

I will be travelling to Edmonton this weekend to do a Make and Take at the Great Canadian Scrapbook Carnival Event.

In case you haven't heard!!!!

It is in the Central Lions Senior Centre, 11113 - 113 Street, Edmonton.
Saturday  October 1st   Noon - 9pm
Sunday    October 2nd    9am - 5pm

Craft and Glitz   - Loonie Make and Take is at     12.30pm - 1.30 pm Saturday
                                                                                    9.30am - 10.30am Sunday

I hope to see as many as possible hit my spot, remember any proceeds from my Make and Take go to the Childrens Alberta Hospital.

Later in the day I will be at The Urbanscrapbook Store and will be there until 12 midnight, and hope to see you all there too.

Thanks for viewing.


My Christmas Layouts and cards are started!

I hope you are all busy scrapbooking and thinking about your next projects. The Scrapbook Carnival usually kick starts me into getting organised for Christmas.

This is the sample Make and Take for the Calgary Scrapbook Carnival event. We Embossied the Cut out and glittered it up. Stamped a Greeting and inked our edge. Nice and quick, nice and simple. All our proceeds go to The Childrens Hospital.

I have started my Christmas Cards and layouts already. I love christmastime, we spend lots of time doing things as a family and all have a great time.

Materials used in the following projects:

Sookwand Adhesive from Craft & Glitz
Glamour Glitter from Craft & Glitz
Glossy Accents
The New Christmas Paper Pad from Graphic 45.

My Motto is Keep it Simple, I have loads of cards to get ready and send off overseas I think probably around 40 and if I dont get them off in November, they are late.

This is Card 2. Very Simply highlighted with Glossy Accents and edged in Fabulous Classic Red Glamour Glitter. Its very effective and not overboard. I love being able to send Glittered Cards to my friends and family and know the Glitter does not come off when I have used Sookwang.

This is Card Three. A little different from me, I am very traditional at Christmas. I love the patterned paper, its very different to my style but, Hey, I'll try anything once! (legal, of course)

This is a close up to show the Glitter detail. I used  the Black and Iridescent Diamond mix found in the recipes, for the two stripes on the outside and our Iridescent Diamonds on Santas fur trim.

Card One was as easy as pie. Take some pretty paper and Bling it up. Edged in Midnight Blue and a mix of Light Gold and Silver, just right!

Finish off with some Iridescent Diamonds on Santas Trim.

I completed a Two Page Layout .

here is page two. I tried to make it match Page one, just simply matted to hold my Christmas Pics and space for journaling. I always add the story about the pictures. (so I dont forget as I get older)

The close up is of one of the Holly embellishments from a sheet of holly paper in the Pad. It drew both pages together.  I also added Glossy Accents and Classic Red Glamour Glitter to them.

Here is a close up of some of the detail on Page one of my layout. I did not add anything to this page - yet except Glamour Glitter with the Sookwang Adhesive and Glossy Accents

I tried not to go overboard with the Glitter but its ever so hard not to. Hopefully this helps to get you all started on your own Projects.

The Great Canadian Scrapbook Carnival - Calgary

I hope everyone enjoyed the event last weekend. We enjoyed meeting everyone at our make and take at the Loonie Bar. Now I expect to see everyone embossing their sookwang like crazy this Christmas.

Congratulations to our winner of the Challenge.

I am waiting for pictures to post and will update soon


Monday, August 29, 2011


We have added two pages to our blog.  They can be found at the top of the page beside the home tab, and if you run your mouse over the bar they are highlighted. We still havent worked out how to make them appear on their own yet.


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

General How to use Glamour Glitter and Sookwang Adhesive.

Glamour Glitter and Sookwang adhesive applications

Glamour Glitter from Craft & Glitz has many different applications.  We don’t just use it on Scrapbooking and Cards although it is very effective, we find  there are a multitude of uses. I hope this helps. We will be posting step by step instructions with pictures next month.

Glitter masking Technique/ Burnishing.

Materials required:

Micro fine Galmour Glitters in the colors you want to use.

Sookwang Double sided adhesive

Punches or dies of choice – solid shapes work best to learn on

Brush with a fairly stiff bristle

Craft tray to collect excess Glamour Glitter.

Tissues with lotion or glitter attracter


Adhere the double sided adhesive to your card where you want your background to be.

Remove top cover of adhesive, take care not to touch the adhesive with your fingers. The oil from your skin will leave fingermarks and you can’t hide them. Use the top cover you peeled off  to punch out the shapes or cut dies of your choice.

Place these shapes over the adhesive on your card on the areas you want to mask. Push down the edges carefully to prevent bleeding at edge.

Background colors are best if they are darker or stronger colors than the rest of your choices, only becaus if yiou dont get a really good coverage you can sometimes get a bit of contamination on your background. Remeber these glitters are see through the lighter they are which can be a benefit if you want effects.  The darker the background the more it can shine through.

Apply your background color liberally to adhesive, work in gently with fingertips in a circular fashion, this helps create a little friction and helps push the glitter into the adhesive. Next brush off excess Glamour Glitter into your craft tray, return excess glitter to pot. Brush off as much as you can at this stage taking care not to disturb the masks.

Repeat these steps with each mask, removing masks and adding as many colors as desired until all masks are removed.

Finish by rubbing again with fingertips in a circular motion and brushing off any excess. The reason the glitter shines more is because the Glamour Glitter is cut in a hexagonal shape and when you burnish it, it exposes more of the edges  causing more refraction of light.

If small amounts of excess glitter remain around and on your card, wipe gently with glitter cloth or use a tissue with lotion, they seem to work as well, and they are much cheaper.

Give us an email if you have any questions.

Using Design Adhesives
Use design adhesives as a rub-on either on cardstock/paper or directly on top of glitter backgrounds. Remember to rub glitter on in a circular motion as before. Use exactly the same technique.

Dazzles/Peel offs
Peel off Dazzle sticker from sheet. Place on adhesive tape or sheet shiny side up, masking any areas with the dazzle cut outs from the backing sheet, you require. Use glitter as before using darkest colors first. It is hard to remove the masks from the adhesive but a good tug does it.  When all glittered up cut round shape, or surround shape with a glitter too then peel off backing and you have a sticker dazzle that is all glittered to use on your projects. It is very thin so take care at this stage.

 Using adhesive with the Cricut machine
So far we have not had any reports of damage to Cricut machines, remember we will not accept any responsibility if damage occurs.
Most people adhere adhesive sheets to cardstock/paper as they find that sticks to their mat better and cut out the shapes they require. Many get us to cut longer lengths for them if they are doing larger projects.  Sticking the sheet with the two release liners to the mat using tape you can cut out shapes but you must stay with it and watch it for movement.
Personally I use the cardstock method for my own purposes.

Using Punches and die cutting machines
Punches and die cutting are my favourite mediums to use. This works well with the glitter masking technique and I love the seamless finish I get.

Try sticking some adhesive to some cardstock and running it through the cuttlebug or Big shot in an embossing folder, then peel off silicone release liner and glitter as usual.  Great textured backgrounds can be achieved. Jan from Urbanscrapbook came up with this idea.
These are only a few ideas to try and we are always excited when someone tries something new and passes it on. Send it to us and we will post it on our website with your details. 
Use textile adhesives to apply glitter to your T-shirts etc for some amazing effects.
PVA adhesive.
We use PVA adhesive to adhere Glamour glitter to our decorations for Christmas and Halloween we will be posting our pictures from our booth at The Alberta Gift Show soon and you can see what we achieved.
Altered Items
We used Sookwang Adhesive with the Glamour Glitter on some Bird boxes and glammed them up with some super effects. These can be seen under Jenny Ma designs on our Blog.
Mixing Glitter
We don’t sell as many colors of Glitter as some other companies but we find we don’t need to. They sell premixed glitter and we don’t. On our Blog we have instructions and recipes on how to mix your glitter to get the color you want.  If you don’t mix the colors well, don’t worry the effects you get can be fabulous. We mix and store our mixes in Craft & Glitz craft bottles.
Using Metal Stencils
When I use a metal stencil I dont use soap I turn my work upside down and give it a good tug to remove the stencil from the adhesive.  Try using candle wax on the parts you dont want to glitter to get a better release.

Drywall tape
Christy Riopel showed how she used Drywall tape by rubbing Glamour Glitter onto it and formed it into a flower for one of her projects – it looked pretty cool. Try it out and let me know how it goes.
Let us know if you have another way to use it.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Glitter Mixes 6

Okay here we go with the last of the mixes from classes.  Some of you will have them but most wont. This is what they look like. Unfortunately my camera work is not great and they look darker in the pictures.

There are not too many so it wont take long to get through these.

1. This is a super summery green

One measure of Moss Green Glamour Glitter with
One measure of Sage Glamour Glitter

2. This is a must when doing summer flowers

Two measures of Fuschia Glamour Glitter
One measure of Iridescent Diamond

3. This is fantastic. If I could get this in material I would have an evening gown made of it. LOL as if I wear them a lot.

Two measures of Midnight Blue Glamour Glitter
One measure of Yellow Glamour Glitter

4. This is great for Sunsets

One Classic Red Glamour Glitter with
One measure of Light Gold

5. Oh Oh Oh Love this

One measure of Bluestone Glamour Glitter with
Two measures of Purple Glamour Glitter

6. Summer Flowers again

One measure of Sage Glamour Glitter with
One measure of Iridescent Diamonds

7.  I cant make up my mind whether this mix fits in Summer or Christmas, I guess it could do both.

One measure of Emerald Glamour Glitter with
One measure of Dark Gold.

Great, try these out and watch for the new mixes coming soon.

If you have made a mix and want to share it, send it to me and I will publish it, after we try it out. Thanks

We can only give out recipes that we have used with our own Glamour Glitter and cannot guarantee these will work with any other brand. 



Monday, June 13, 2011

Glitter Mixing 5


Today we are very pleased to announce we are fully stocked again in all our Sookwang adhesives.
Contact your LSS today to get your size in stock for you.

Meanwhile I want to get through these last few recipes.

1. Try mixing

One Measure of Pink Glamour Glitter with
One measure of Silver Glamour Glitter

This is super sweet

2. When you want something for a night sky use

Two measures of Black Glamour Glitter with
One measure of Iridescent Diamond Glamour Glitter

3. This is a must for those summery flowers again

One measure of Garnet Glamour Glitter with
Two measures of Pink Glamour Glitter

4. Staying on that summery theme - This is Natalie from Calgarys Recipe

Mix One measure of Apricot Glamour Glitter with
One measure of Pink Glamour Glitter and
One measure of Dark Gold Glamour Glitter

5. Jewel in Calgary gave us this one

One measure of Perrywinkle Glamour Glitter with
One measure of Sand Glamour Glitter

You really want to try these out they really are great

6. For a lots of Bling try this one

One measure of Sage Glamour Glitter with
One measure of Silver Glamour Glitter

7. I love this one for evening themes

One measure of Light Gold Glamour Glitter with
Two measures of Canadian Blue

8. This is a fantastic combination

One measure of Black Glamour Glitter
One measure of Fools Gold Glamour glitter
One measure of Iridescent Diamond Glamour Glitter


9. With this next mix you can make the most amazing effects if you dont mix it thoroughly - try it

One measure of Purple Glamour Glitter
One measure of Light Gold Glamour Glitter
One measure of Iridescent Diamond Glamour Glitter


10. This mix always amazes everyone at class - do you remember?

One measure of Blue Gunmetal Glamour Glitter
One measure of Sand Glamour Glitter


11. Ah Natalie gave us this recipe, again she is in Calgary

One measure of Perrywinkle Galmour Glitter
One measue of Sky Blue Glamour Glitter and
Two measures of Sand Glamour Glitter


12.I love this mix and will be using it to make my Fall cards this year

One measure of Emerald Glamour Glitter
One measure of Penny Copper Glamour Glitter

Love it

We only have about 10 left and then we will start the new ones....Send me your recipes and you may find them posted here

What else is new - Oh

Our 5 Packs of Craft bottles are available too check them out on our website they are listed under the glitter section

Have a blessed day


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Glitter Mixing 4

Hi there

What a beautiful day today.

I just wanted to share a few more recipes with you this week. Find them below numbered 1 - 8.

1. Mix the following Glamour Glitters

One measure of Penny Copper with
Two measures of Fools Gold

Cool color.

2. Mix the following Glamour Glitter colors
One measure Ice Blue with
One measure Iridescent Diamonds


3. Mix these Glamour Glitters

One measure of Yellow with
Two Spring Green

Very Summery

4. Mix these Glamour Glittersfor Sunshine on your page

One measure of Orange
One measure of Yellow


5. Try this mix of Glamour Glitters

One measure of Moss Green
One measure of Light Gold


6. This is a greaty mix of Glamour Glitter

one measure of Lavender
one measure of Ice Blue

Cool Blue

7. This mix of Glamour Glitter gives a great Baby Pink

one measure of Pink
one measure of Blush
One measure of Silver


8. This is one of my favourite mixes of Glamour Glitter

one measure of Classic Red
one measure of Bronze
one measure of Irridescent Diamonds


We are almost through the origonal mixes we did in class, there are about 21 more to post and then we will start on the new mixes.

Have fun


Monday, May 30, 2011

More Glamour Glitter from Jenny MA

Hi everyone
Herer are some more Glamour Glitter pictures from Jenny Ma. I hope you enjoy them.

Fabulous little Bird Boxes.

Thanks Jenny

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Glitter Mixing Recipes 3

Well I have had a busy weekend buying furniture and now I am looking forward to starting the week off clearing a space and cleaning. It comes on Thursday Woo Hoo, at last we have bought a sofa etc for my main floor.  New houses are great!

Here are some more recipes for all you fans of Glamour Glitter

1. Robbies Mix

1 measure of Navy
1 measure of Blue Gunmeatal
1 measure of Perrywinkle
1 measure of Sand
1 measure of Hunter Green

Robbie went for it when she was mixing.  This color is great and one I will be using myself.

2.  When you want something a little bit different but sunny and warm, try this:

1 measure of Orange
1 measure of Fools Gold

Love it, Love it, Love it.

3. This is a big favourite of everyone

1 measure of Dark Gold
1 measure of Silver

Really something to try.

Hope you all enjoy these and let me know how they turn out.

Leave your comments here on the blog so everyone can enjoy them.


Friday, May 27, 2011

Jenny Ma - Designer for Craft & Glitz

Jenny is really good friend of mine. I met her while doing classes on mixing glitter. She is an Artist to trade and Sugar Craft Teacher too. She does love Scrapbooking and makes the most amazing little books.

Here is some of her artwork.

The attention to detail is great. Those fairies look real and I love the Glittered wings.

Thank you Jenny for submittimg these pictures and I hope to see some more artwork in the near future.


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Instructions on how to mix your Glamour Glitter

I will start by telling you a little about our Glamour Glitter.

Our Glamour Glitter is a Premium Microfine Glitter and is made in the USA.  It is of a consistently high quality and we carry a 100% satisfaction rate with our customers.  Something we are very proud of. 

The glamour Glitter is Acid Free, Heat Resistant and Non Toxic. It is a very versatile product and can be used in a variety of ways, but today I am going to introduce you to the art of mixing and making your Glamour Glitter work for you.

We are constantly being asked why we dont sell certain colors and we always answer "We do not sell mixed Glitter as it is can be a problem betweeen batches and trying to maintain a good mix with the different densities of each colour." i.e. it doesn't always work.

Our Glamour Glitter is cut to a size of .004 x .004 m which is the smallest size we go to, this gives the glitter the appearance of powder.

My good friend and partner in crime is Pam Whyte from Photographs and Memories in Calgary, which is her Scrapbook Store, and she came to me one day and said I am having so much fun mixing some colors of glitter and coming up with loads of names.  She showed me what she was doing and I asked her if I could run with the idea and develop it and take it a step further, sure she said and this is where this idea came from.

I am always so surprised when customers tell me they were told not to mix their Glitter???? Why Not??? As long as you dont contaminate each pot - GO AHEAD -

I have a little group of Ladies in Calgary - We meet in PAMS Store -  I tried this class with them and they had so much fun I now take it to other Scrapbook stores who carry our product and offer classes to get the ladies started.

I reckon it must be getting close to get together again Ladies!!!!

Craft & Glitz supply Craft Bottles in packs of 5 and Mixing Cards in packs of 2, for you to keep records of what you mix to complete your projects, ask your LSS to stock them. They are available to order Now.

So back to the subject:
Basically I tell everyone it does not matter what you use for a scoop or measure as long as you try to be consistent when mixing it seems to work best that way for most mixes.

I use my pinch tool from my baking drawer, some people use a straw with a scoop on it.

Try this:

Take one measure of Perrywinkle,  and put it into a Craft Bottle, clean your measuring tool, tissues with Lotion work very well for this, now everyone knows the Perrywinkle is like a suede rather than a sparkly glitter so if you want BLING  add one measure of Iridescent Diamonds to your measure of Perrywinkle, and this next step is Important! do not shake the bottle, if you do the static causes it to stick to the sides of the bottle, (the bottle is made from Polysterene and the Glitter is made of Polyester), just turn your bottle a little onto its side and turn it around a few times, if you watch it you can see the glitter mixing and stop when you are happy. Use as normal.

When mixing Glamour Glitter, remember not every colour has the same density, meaning some are heavier than others and you dont always get an even mix - this is not a negative - some great effects can be created this way. Watch for pictures in future posts.

Here are a couple more recipes:

This one was created by Jewel in Calgary

1 measure of Apricot
1 measure of Limetreuse
1 measure of Navy
1 half measure of Sand

This is a fabulous mix, and worth a try.

Ok one more for now:

1 Measure of Light Gold
2 measure of Black

Nice and simple but very effective.

Now if you get started and make some great mixes, Send me your recipes and I will publish them for you. All I need is what colors you used, your measures and your name.

Thanks for reading


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sunny Yellow Mix

Here is a picture of the Sunny Yellow Mix from the recipes yesterday.  It is actually a little lighter in real life. I find my computer shows the colors darker than they actually are so it never looks great.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Glitter Mixing Recipes. 2

Well it wont be long until Summer and time to start thinking of Holiday sparkle and what better way to do that than mix yourself up some fabulous summer mixes.

Here are some you are going to love.

1. Sunshine is on our minds so try this one:

2 measures of Yellow Glamour Glitter
1 measure of White Glamour Glitter

This makes the best sunny colour - try some flowers with this, you will love it! Try making the centres Sparkle even more with Iridescent Diamonds Glamour Glitter.

2. Why not make a garden of colours:

Try: 1 measure of Lavender Glamour Glitter with
        1 measure of Silver Glamour Glitter

This stands out from the crowd. Now close your eyes and imagine all those lovely Pansy's, try making flowers with Black centres with this color.

3. For all you Blues lovers.

1 measure of Canadian Blue Glamour Glitter
1 measure of Electric Blue Glamour Glitter

These make the most fabulous colour, Mediterranean Seas spring to mind.

As usual try them yourself and let me know how they turn out.


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Glitter Mixing Recipes

Hi There

I know you are all waiting for this. 

I should explain to those of you who have not had the class yet. Recently I spent some time visiting various stores explaining how to mix their glitter to create different colors. When doing that we got some great effects too. I promised them I would start posting some new recipes as soon as I could get organised.

I will post a how to page soon so that you all know how easy it is to mix and match your colors.

These recipes came from Pam in Fairmount Drive.

Pam calls this one WINE:

1/2 measure of Garnet
1/4 measure of Classic Red
1/4 measure of Blush

Pam named this one BURGANDY:

1/2 measure of Classic Red
1/4 measure Garnet
1/4 measure Bronze

Pam called this one PLUM:

1/2 measure of Garnet
1/2 measure of Pink

I dont use 1/2 or 1/4 measures as a rule but give these a go and alter them to suit your needs.

Let me know what you think of them. Leave a comment below. Send me any recipes you particularly like and I will add them to the posts . How often should I post these? Do you want them once a week? Once a month? Let me know and I will see what I can do. Remember I am not going to post the finished colors as they never show well on screen.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Designs by Stacey Rumsby

I love it when things work, dont you?
I have been trying to post these pictures for sooo long.
A big thank you to Stacey for these lovely designs.

The pictures do not do Staceys artwork justice. They really are georgeous in real life.

|I hope you enjoy them.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

I just had to scrapbook

Happy Easter everyone!

I went to Kitchener and Edmonton recently and after seeing everyone enjoy their scrapbooking I just had to do some of my own.

I have made a pact with myself from now on I have to make time to scrapbook - well at least once a month.

This is what I used:-

Graphic 45 -Steampunk Debutante Collection, Victorian Transformers
Graphic 45 - A Proper Gentleman Collection, A proper Gentleman
Graphic 45- Metal Buttons
Tim Holtz - Foliage (metal)
Tim Holtz - BIGZ DIE Alterations
Unknown Cardstock and Ribbon
Glossy Accents

And of course

Black Glamour Glitter from Craft & Glitz
Apricot Glamour Glitter from Craft and Glitz
Sookwang Adhesive 3mm and 7mm from Craft & Glitz

I hope you like it.

This is the back of the book

This is a close up of the Apricot Glamour Glitter

This is the front

This is a close up of the Black Glamour Glitter

This is the inside.

Have a lovely day.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Weekend

It is a beautiful day outside and really makes you feel Spring is on its way.  Quite the contrast from last weekend when I went to Edmonton to visit Scrap-a-lot, and Urbanscrapbook and Scrapbookers Cabin in Spruce Grove.
A big THANK YOU to all the ladies who braved the cold and the snow to come to  the stores and take my classes.

Watch out for the Summer Issue of Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine their cover has our Glamour Glitter on it and a big Congratulations goes to Jan for her layout. It is stunning!

Meantime her is a few more pictures of Pam Whytes work using Glamour Glitter.
PAMS can be found on Fairmount Drive in Calgary her store is like a home from home, if you havent been there give it a try soon.

Thanks Pam for submitting your pics. They are lovely

Your pictures can be here too - visit our website and contact us with your designs.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

First post

Hi there everyone

Well I decided it was timé to get with it and join the technological highway.

I cant promise this site will be perfect, it is all a bit hit or miss. I can remember the first home computer on the market can you believe?

Hopefully once everyone gets to know our website they will submit their work for publication and everyone can share their ideas on how to use the Sookwang Tape and Glamour Glitter.

I do have a bit of catch up to do with regards to my designers but I know you lot out there will understand.
Be kind, it will be rewarded one day. Help me out and we can grow together.