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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

General How to use Glamour Glitter and Sookwang Adhesive.

Glamour Glitter and Sookwang adhesive applications

Glamour Glitter from Craft & Glitz has many different applications.  We don’t just use it on Scrapbooking and Cards although it is very effective, we find  there are a multitude of uses. I hope this helps. We will be posting step by step instructions with pictures next month.

Glitter masking Technique/ Burnishing.

Materials required:

Micro fine Galmour Glitters in the colors you want to use.

Sookwang Double sided adhesive

Punches or dies of choice – solid shapes work best to learn on

Brush with a fairly stiff bristle

Craft tray to collect excess Glamour Glitter.

Tissues with lotion or glitter attracter


Adhere the double sided adhesive to your card where you want your background to be.

Remove top cover of adhesive, take care not to touch the adhesive with your fingers. The oil from your skin will leave fingermarks and you can’t hide them. Use the top cover you peeled off  to punch out the shapes or cut dies of your choice.

Place these shapes over the adhesive on your card on the areas you want to mask. Push down the edges carefully to prevent bleeding at edge.

Background colors are best if they are darker or stronger colors than the rest of your choices, only becaus if yiou dont get a really good coverage you can sometimes get a bit of contamination on your background. Remeber these glitters are see through the lighter they are which can be a benefit if you want effects.  The darker the background the more it can shine through.

Apply your background color liberally to adhesive, work in gently with fingertips in a circular fashion, this helps create a little friction and helps push the glitter into the adhesive. Next brush off excess Glamour Glitter into your craft tray, return excess glitter to pot. Brush off as much as you can at this stage taking care not to disturb the masks.

Repeat these steps with each mask, removing masks and adding as many colors as desired until all masks are removed.

Finish by rubbing again with fingertips in a circular motion and brushing off any excess. The reason the glitter shines more is because the Glamour Glitter is cut in a hexagonal shape and when you burnish it, it exposes more of the edges  causing more refraction of light.

If small amounts of excess glitter remain around and on your card, wipe gently with glitter cloth or use a tissue with lotion, they seem to work as well, and they are much cheaper.

Give us an email if you have any questions.

Using Design Adhesives
Use design adhesives as a rub-on either on cardstock/paper or directly on top of glitter backgrounds. Remember to rub glitter on in a circular motion as before. Use exactly the same technique.

Dazzles/Peel offs
Peel off Dazzle sticker from sheet. Place on adhesive tape or sheet shiny side up, masking any areas with the dazzle cut outs from the backing sheet, you require. Use glitter as before using darkest colors first. It is hard to remove the masks from the adhesive but a good tug does it.  When all glittered up cut round shape, or surround shape with a glitter too then peel off backing and you have a sticker dazzle that is all glittered to use on your projects. It is very thin so take care at this stage.

 Using adhesive with the Cricut machine
So far we have not had any reports of damage to Cricut machines, remember we will not accept any responsibility if damage occurs.
Most people adhere adhesive sheets to cardstock/paper as they find that sticks to their mat better and cut out the shapes they require. Many get us to cut longer lengths for them if they are doing larger projects.  Sticking the sheet with the two release liners to the mat using tape you can cut out shapes but you must stay with it and watch it for movement.
Personally I use the cardstock method for my own purposes.

Using Punches and die cutting machines
Punches and die cutting are my favourite mediums to use. This works well with the glitter masking technique and I love the seamless finish I get.

Try sticking some adhesive to some cardstock and running it through the cuttlebug or Big shot in an embossing folder, then peel off silicone release liner and glitter as usual.  Great textured backgrounds can be achieved. Jan from Urbanscrapbook came up with this idea.
These are only a few ideas to try and we are always excited when someone tries something new and passes it on. Send it to us and we will post it on our website with your details. 
Use textile adhesives to apply glitter to your T-shirts etc for some amazing effects.
PVA adhesive.
We use PVA adhesive to adhere Glamour glitter to our decorations for Christmas and Halloween we will be posting our pictures from our booth at The Alberta Gift Show soon and you can see what we achieved.
Altered Items
We used Sookwang Adhesive with the Glamour Glitter on some Bird boxes and glammed them up with some super effects. These can be seen under Jenny Ma designs on our Blog.
Mixing Glitter
We don’t sell as many colors of Glitter as some other companies but we find we don’t need to. They sell premixed glitter and we don’t. On our Blog we have instructions and recipes on how to mix your glitter to get the color you want.  If you don’t mix the colors well, don’t worry the effects you get can be fabulous. We mix and store our mixes in Craft & Glitz craft bottles.
Using Metal Stencils
When I use a metal stencil I dont use soap I turn my work upside down and give it a good tug to remove the stencil from the adhesive.  Try using candle wax on the parts you dont want to glitter to get a better release.

Drywall tape
Christy Riopel showed how she used Drywall tape by rubbing Glamour Glitter onto it and formed it into a flower for one of her projects – it looked pretty cool. Try it out and let me know how it goes.
Let us know if you have another way to use it.

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