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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Instructions on how to mix your Glamour Glitter

I will start by telling you a little about our Glamour Glitter.

Our Glamour Glitter is a Premium Microfine Glitter and is made in the USA.  It is of a consistently high quality and we carry a 100% satisfaction rate with our customers.  Something we are very proud of. 

The glamour Glitter is Acid Free, Heat Resistant and Non Toxic. It is a very versatile product and can be used in a variety of ways, but today I am going to introduce you to the art of mixing and making your Glamour Glitter work for you.

We are constantly being asked why we dont sell certain colors and we always answer "We do not sell mixed Glitter as it is can be a problem betweeen batches and trying to maintain a good mix with the different densities of each colour." i.e. it doesn't always work.

Our Glamour Glitter is cut to a size of .004 x .004 m which is the smallest size we go to, this gives the glitter the appearance of powder.

My good friend and partner in crime is Pam Whyte from Photographs and Memories in Calgary, which is her Scrapbook Store, and she came to me one day and said I am having so much fun mixing some colors of glitter and coming up with loads of names.  She showed me what she was doing and I asked her if I could run with the idea and develop it and take it a step further, sure she said and this is where this idea came from.

I am always so surprised when customers tell me they were told not to mix their Glitter???? Why Not??? As long as you dont contaminate each pot - GO AHEAD -

I have a little group of Ladies in Calgary - We meet in PAMS Store -  I tried this class with them and they had so much fun I now take it to other Scrapbook stores who carry our product and offer classes to get the ladies started.

I reckon it must be getting close to get together again Ladies!!!!

Craft & Glitz supply Craft Bottles in packs of 5 and Mixing Cards in packs of 2, for you to keep records of what you mix to complete your projects, ask your LSS to stock them. They are available to order Now.

So back to the subject:
Basically I tell everyone it does not matter what you use for a scoop or measure as long as you try to be consistent when mixing it seems to work best that way for most mixes.

I use my pinch tool from my baking drawer, some people use a straw with a scoop on it.

Try this:

Take one measure of Perrywinkle,  and put it into a Craft Bottle, clean your measuring tool, tissues with Lotion work very well for this, now everyone knows the Perrywinkle is like a suede rather than a sparkly glitter so if you want BLING  add one measure of Iridescent Diamonds to your measure of Perrywinkle, and this next step is Important! do not shake the bottle, if you do the static causes it to stick to the sides of the bottle, (the bottle is made from Polysterene and the Glitter is made of Polyester), just turn your bottle a little onto its side and turn it around a few times, if you watch it you can see the glitter mixing and stop when you are happy. Use as normal.

When mixing Glamour Glitter, remember not every colour has the same density, meaning some are heavier than others and you dont always get an even mix - this is not a negative - some great effects can be created this way. Watch for pictures in future posts.

Here are a couple more recipes:

This one was created by Jewel in Calgary

1 measure of Apricot
1 measure of Limetreuse
1 measure of Navy
1 half measure of Sand

This is a fabulous mix, and worth a try.

Ok one more for now:

1 Measure of Light Gold
2 measure of Black

Nice and simple but very effective.

Now if you get started and make some great mixes, Send me your recipes and I will publish them for you. All I need is what colors you used, your measures and your name.

Thanks for reading


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